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 this make india brand has a very bad influence

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PostSubject: this make india brand has a very bad influence   Thu 28 Jul - 7:05

In order to pay for the debt, American business woman sold 14 pieces Diana's evening dress to Pay the debt in 24th June .those evening dresses include a very famous deep blue evening dress which Diana used wear it danced with John Travolta at White House in 1985, another two dresses was used as "Vanity Fai" magazine's Cover shot.it is said that,On the auction, some dress's price more over then 670,000$, the deep blue [www.weddingdresses-love.com] at last sold for 1,000,000$.One black bare back sexy dress which Diana used wear at Versailles Palace, France sold as 275,000$ , another famous elegant red dress used wear at premier ceremony of the film of "Steel Magnolias" in 1990.The 50 years old Ms. Dencker hope those dresses can sell for 4,000,000$, she will donate part of those money for the Canada's National Ballet School, the left use to pay the debt. she said that" it is the time i say goodbye to Dianas life, i will keep attention to my own life afterward."It is said that In June 1997, Florida businesswoman Maureen Luo Lanqi Dencker buy those 14 pieces dresses at auction . at that time,Diana sold out 79 pieces dresses collected 3,250,000$ for the charitable causes, almost those [www.weddingdresses-love.com] are designed by Catherine Walker.In 1997, after Diana past away,Maureen Luo Lanqi Dencker want to keep the charitable causes of Diana.
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this make india brand has a very bad influence
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