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 Rules / Explanations

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PostSubject: Rules / Explanations   Sat 10 May - 16:15



Since you post one time on the forum, you engage yourself to respect the following rules, whatever your range [number of posts], administrators, moderators or members, under penalty of sanctions.

1) All injurious talk, difamatory or intolerant'ones are forbiden even so if the person is exterior to the forum.

2) Thos forum is bilinguous, but try to take care about your writing (grammar, syntaxis...) Abbreviations are tolerated. Not about SMS !

3) When you post on a section, you engage yourself to respect the rules ans explainations section's own.

4) Inactive accounts aren't tolerated !
- No presentation for 1 month : Account Deleted
- No connexion for 1 months : Account Deleted
- No post for 1 months : Account Deleted

5) Flood-posts or less 5 words's post are reserved to the flood section.
In others sections, non-argumented posts, as " so cool", "so kawai", "I love it" are forbiden.

6) For Group Orders or sales between members : The forum, admins or moderators aren't guarantees of exchanges' validity.
But we advice very much our members to respect them pledging, under penalty of sanctions.

7) Changing your writing type isn't tolerated (italic etc). It's tolerated to emphazise an information.

Sanctions :

- Warning (stay visibly marked for admins).
- Temporary banishment.
- Definitive banishment.

We hope we'll never have to do this kind of sanctions. ^^"

For any problemes, please send a Private message to administrators (Lowen or Mitsuko) or to modérators. ^^

This post is subject to modifications. Please read again it in every addition of rules.

Thank you for your attention and good visit. \o/



There it's a section for guest ! You just can post here.

Ask questions and visit the forum, you can see all the sections, except "Boite à Couture" and "Livre de Recette" to protect them tutorials.

Thanks and good visit ! ^^
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Rules / Explanations
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